PC Buff  PC Support, Advisory, & Specialist Services for Homes and Small Businesses in the Cotswolds.
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"My computer is acting strangely, acting up, or not acting at all." "Something doesn't seem to be working correctly, but everything else seems fine." "I need a bit more oomph without paying the earth,  but I'm not sure what I need, nor where to buy it."
"I know I could do more useful things with my computer, but I'm not sure what - or how." "Some days I spend more time wrestling with my PC than using it." "I'm not  sure that I am adequately protected against viruses and Internet intrusions."
"I would like someone to do occasional specialist tasks rather than learning how to do them myself." "I just bought something to attach to my computer, and I cannot seem to get it working correctly." "I've just got my first computer.  how do I get started?"
"I'm a small business and I need regular part-time PC support services" "I don't know whether I need a new computer or whether I need to upgrade something" "I just need some help getting started with this program that I don't fully understand"


2004  Nigel Bufton ("PC Buff")

Phone: 01993 830031 Mobile: 07754 773897

 email: pcbuff@bufton.org